A better environment

  • The power and reliability of the internal combustion engine

  • 75% reduction in carbon monoxide emissions*

  • 55% reduction in volatile organic compounds*

  • 50% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions*

  • Up to 30% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions*

  • Environmental friendly regardless of energy used to supply the power grid

  • A "life of vehicle" storage system

  • The convenience and affordability of private fueling

*Source: Southern California Gas Company; and the 2008 TIAX, LLC Report Well-To-Wheels (prepared for the California Energy Commission)

Advantages of the bi-fuel PHANGV®

  • Economic GHG reduction for large frame light duty vehicles (large SUVs; pick-up trucks; vans)

  • Requires only a conventional internal combustion engine

  • Flexible capacity depending on storage configuration

  • Total storage system weight (including the natural gas) 53 lbs. per GGE (est.)

  • Estimated to cost less that US$5,000 (including the engine set-up, when provided by an automotive OEM)

Sustainability of the adsorbent


PHANGV® vs. PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) on large frame light-duty vehicle


There is a large consumer opportunity for the PHANGV®

2016 Natural Gas Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Awareness/Perception Study

  • 40% are "very interested" in the natural gas hybrid concept

  • 74% are likely to seek more information

  • 64% see the concept solving many problems rather than creating a challenge

  • 58% would pay an additional US$5,000 for a natural gas hybrid

Conducted by Sparks Research on behalf of ANGP by Atmos Energy in September 2016
Residential sampling of 400 consumers in Dallas/Forth Worth, TX metro area

Interested in a PHANGV®?


  • 2018/2019 Ford F-150 with 5.0L V8 with CNG prep kit, set up for bi-fuel (gasoline/natural gas) operation.

  • ANGP/Worthington Industries NGV2 compliant, aluminum ANG cylinders. Designed for 900 psig operating pressure, spun closed around Ingevity activated carbon monoliths. Initially offered in the 2x2 cylinder package shown with an average range on natural gas of 80 miles.

  • Up-fit through the Ford Quality Vehicle Manufacturer (QVM)
    program, maintaining all Ford vehicle warranties.

To place an order or for more information please contact Matt Bonelli at ANGP: - 908.200.2403

Download a spec sheet by clicking here.