Aspen Compressor signs Joint Development Agreement with ANGP

Aspen Compressor, a 2005 spin off of Aspen Systems (founded in 1984), with its rich history of four decades of innovation in aerospace, automotive, advanced materials, and other sectors, is the global leader in miniature rotary compressors. Aspen’s miniature compressor technology is the heart of ANGP’s creative fuel extraction and pressurization system – FEPS ™ (patent pending). ANGP’s FEPS ™ (patent pending) is designed to be the first natural gas “fuel pump” to assure complete and responsive fuel flow in response to the driver’s demand.

Dr. Kang Lee, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aspen Compressor and Aspen Systems, said “It is exciting to be part of this coalition and working on a technology that can make a meaningful impact to transform an industry, leading to significant reduction in carbon emissions on a global scale.” Dr. Lee was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame in 2012 for his innovative technical and commercial achievements on flexible aerogel based superinsulation, which was one of only two technologies selected each year in the world for the technologies and products that were originally developed for NASA’s space exploration but already in widespread use worldwide.