ANG Technology

Adsorbed natural gas (ANG) technology is the use of a highly porous adsorbent material to densely store natural gas molecules at low pressures (900 psi and below). Under controlled depressurization, these molecules release and exit the storage system in response to the demand of the vehicle's engine. ANGP is working with Ingevity as our adsorbent manufacturer because of Ingevity’s global leadership in activated carbons for more than 100 years. Ingevity is the industry leader in adsorbent-based, on-board evaporative emissions control for gasoline fueled vehicles. Ingevity’s activated carbon media captures hydro-carbon emissions generated during fueling and engine shut down, then releases those gasoline vapors on engine start-up to be combusted and utilized, capturing and recovering over 3 million gallons of gasoline per day globally.

Ingevity developed high performance activated carbon monoliths for ANGP optimized for “working storage capacity” and commercial viability. All other adsorbent materials on the market, or in the laboratory, focus on “total storage capacity” which result in thermal properties that make them difficult to release stored gas, reducing the practical working storage capacity. These other adsorbents are also costly to produce (some more than ten times the cost of Ingevity monoliths). The combination of reduced practical working storage capacity and high cost, results in commercially non-viable products. Automotive applications rely on working storage as the true measure of usable fuel capacity. Ingevity monoliths have superior thermal physics as compared to all other adsorbents on the market or in the laboratory. Ingevity monoliths have significantly lower heat generation when filling and significantly lower heat loss on release than other currently available adsorbents.

Ingevity explains ANG technology and their role as a global leader in adsorbent technology.

Billy-Paul Holbrook
Senior Product Development Scientist

Bradley W. Reed
Director, Business Development & Innovation

Roger Williams
Technical Director, Carbon Technologies

Ingevity's Nuchar® FuelSorb™ activated carbon monoliths perform extremely well to store significantly more natural gas at low-pressures than that of traditional compressed natural gas (CNG) at the same pressures.