Ingevity Corporation

Ingevity Corporation (NYSE: NGVT) developed and manufactures the activated carbon monoliths that are the core of ANGP's storage system.


United Technologies Research Center

United Technologies Research Center (UTRC), the innovation engine of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), and Adsorbed Natural Gas Products, Inc. (ANGP) have an exclusive licensing agreement allowing ANGP to use UTRC’s patent-pending technology to develop and produce the world’s first commercially viable conformable non-metal, composite adsorbent-based low pressure (<1000 psi) natural gas (ANG) storage tank for motor vehicles.


A. Schulman

Schulman, Inc. (Nasdaq: SHLM) is a leading international supplier of high-performance plastic compounds, masterbatches, powders and resins.  The Company’s broad portfolio of high-performance plastic compounds includes an array of thermoset and thermoplastic materials with a focus on engineered solutions that meet demanding application and customer requirements.  A. Schulman’s Quantum product line, with its carbon fiber reinforced thermosets, is uniquely suited to meet the challenges of the automotive industry.  In addition to being a material solution provider, A. Schulman provides engineering services such as concept development, prototyping and finite element analysis; and delivers production quantities of injection and compression molded thermosets through its molding division. 


Aspen Compressor

Aspen Compressor developed and manufactures the compressor technology at the heart of ANGP's fuel extraction and pressurization system (FEPS™).